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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Houston, come in, do you read me? This is Jimmy-on-the-web!
Hola to everyone!
I was kinda wondering if this place is so awesome like my pals told me, they all have blogs or somerthing, so I was kinda loser without one. Now BEWARE, HUMANS - JIMMY IS HERE! =)
I'm not going to tell any depressed stories here like all these girls saying like "Oh, he left me, he slept wit ma best friend, he's such an asshole, I'm going to attempt to drawn myself now" - no way, stop this bullshit and GET A LIFE))) Cmon, live for fun, just like me - few days ago I was barely kickd out of college, now THAT was funny)))
What I'm goin to pose here is just jokes, stories happend to me aor my friends, and VIDEOS!
LOADS OF FUNNY VIDEOS (sounds like a good ad for a porn website, huh? NO PORN HERE!!)))

Whatever. Live for fun, SMILE!)))


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