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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mini stunts

Click to download I thought stunts like these are possible only with a motorcycle... this guy is brilliant!

Download here or click pic.

Aridropping without a parachute

Click to download Military guys know s**t in this stuff! I mean wasting vehicles by dropping them out of plane at 10000 ft without a parachute! =)

Gete it here or click picture.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Iuhu! Matrix =)

Clik or die! ))) This guy decided he is Neo or something. But reality bites! :)

Image. Or Here!

Office prank

Cilck = download Muahahaha! Great office prank! Nothing to say - easy and effective! =)

Take it here. Or click image. Or.. whatever.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Mortal Kombat

Click to download Those Russians again! Now with a dumb fighting, rofl! AWESOME! Check your sound is on, this video has an amazing sountrack)))

Here or pic)))

Russian Jerry Springer

Russian version of Jerry Springer's show. Spectacular! What a gorgeous fight!

Get it here or click the pic.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Hot Pursuit

A pursuit for the drunk driver in Estonia ends with a collision, when driver gets it to the wrong lane on the corner. Five pople hospitalized, driver got off with a broken hand. Not for nervous!

Download here or click the image

Mac Kills My Inner Child

Great video, a must-see for all the mac-lovers and especially mac-haters! "Mac kills my inner child" - that's the essence =)

HERE or image!


Now this is kicking! "Something is pricelesss."
What a nice proposal!

Click here to download. Or simply click the image.

As long as you love me

Comapring to this asian couple BSB are really lack of talent. Guys are great!!!

You know what to do.

Niggar Family

Cilck here to download

Outstanding! AWESOME!!! My god I almost got my pants wet... Niggar family...
No comments, just watch it! Comedy Central rules!

Click image to download. Or click here.

Oversized people

Click to download it!

Be polite, gyuz)))
The world is unfair to oversized... Muwahaha!

Alright now, click here to download!

Windowcave - Mario OWNED!)))

Click to download
Anyone played Super Mario and still remembers what the old good SNES is would laugh his ass out on this! Nothig special, but MUSIC!!!

Get it HERE! (or click the pic)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Ali G talkin 'bout sex and virginity

Click to downloadTake it seriously - Ali G is talking about sex and virginity with 2 chicks and 2 guys. What, you can't take it seriously? Well, me neither! =) Inimitable Ali G! Just watch)))

Again, for the dulls)) click image or HERE to download!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hello? F**K!!! ))))

This reminds me a whole-campus-hangover talking))) What a wide lexicon))) Well I bet this is me after lobotomy abd restuffed with brains of George W Bush)))

For those who are little slow by things: HEY! CLICK THE IMAGE! Or click here to download video.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Houston, come in, do you read me? This is Jimmy-on-the-web!
Hola to everyone!
I was kinda wondering if this place is so awesome like my pals told me, they all have blogs or somerthing, so I was kinda loser without one. Now BEWARE, HUMANS - JIMMY IS HERE! =)
I'm not going to tell any depressed stories here like all these girls saying like "Oh, he left me, he slept wit ma best friend, he's such an asshole, I'm going to attempt to drawn myself now" - no way, stop this bullshit and GET A LIFE))) Cmon, live for fun, just like me - few days ago I was barely kickd out of college, now THAT was funny)))
What I'm goin to pose here is just jokes, stories happend to me aor my friends, and VIDEOS!
LOADS OF FUNNY VIDEOS (sounds like a good ad for a porn website, huh? NO PORN HERE!!)))

Whatever. Live for fun, SMILE!)))